RFID Proof Fabric
Das RFID-Material, welches in unserer Travelling Light-Serie verwendet wird, ist ein kupfer- und nickelbeschichtetes Gewebe. Durch das RFID-Material wird ein Schutzbereich gebildet und verhindert dass Mittels elektromagnetische Wellen, Informationen von Kreditkarten oder ähnlichen ausgelesen werden.

Access Deck Bag

Accessory Carabiner 3 Pack

Adaptor – Coolmax Mummy Liner

Adaptor – Coolmax Traveller Liner

Aeros Down Pillow

Aeros Pillow Case

Aeros Premium Deluxe Pillow

Aeros Premium Lumbar Support Pillow

Aeros Premium Pillow

Aeros Premium Traveller

Aeros Ultralight Deluxe Pillow

Aeros Ultralight Pillow

Aeros Ultralight Pillow Traveller

Air Chair

Air Mat Repair Kit

Air Seat

Air Seat Insulated

Air Stream Pump Sack

Airlite Towel

Alpha Pan

Alpha Pot

Alpha Set 1.1

Alpha Set 2.0

Alpha Set 2.1

Alpha Set 2.2

Alpha Set 4.2

AlphaLight Cutlery

Alpine Ap Daunenschlafsack

Alpine eVent Gaiters

Alpine Sleeping Bag – ApII

Altitude At Daunenschlafsack

Alto TR1 Bigfoot Footprint

Alto TR1 Gear Loft

Alto TR1 Lightfoot Footprint

Alto TR1 Plus Ultralight Backpacking Zelt

Alto TR1 Ultralight Backpacking Zelt

Alto TR2 Bigfoot Footprint

Alto TR2 Gear Loft

Alto TR2 Lightfoot Footprint

Alto TR2 Plus Ultralight Backpacking Zelt

Alto TR2 Ultralight Backpacking Zelt

Amplitude Am Daunenschlafsack



Ascent Ac Daunenschlafsack

Barrier Face Mask

Basecamp Bc Synthetikschlafsack

Big River Dry Bag

Bilge Pump

Blitz Booties

Bomber Loop Lock

Bomber Tie Down

Camp Cutlery 3er Set

Camp Mat Self Inflating

Camp Plus Self Inflating Sleeping Mat

Carabiner Tie Down 2pk

Card Holder RFID

Cardkey TSA lock

Cinder Cd Down Quilt 10°C

Combination TSA Padlock

Combo Cable TSA Padlock

Comfort Deluxe Self Inflating Sleeping Mat

Comfort Light Insulated Air Mat

Comfort Light Insulated Air Mat Women’s

Comfort Light Self Inflating

Comfort Light Self Inflating Women

Comfort Plus Insulated Air Mat

Comfort Plus Self Inflating Sleeping Mat

Comfort Plus Self Inflating Women

Comfort Plus XT Insulated Air Mat

Compression Sack

Coolmax Fitted Sheet

Cruiser Kayak Seat

Delta Bowl

Delta Bowl with Lid

Delta Camp Set (Bowl, Plate, Mug, Cutlery)

Delta Cutlery Set

Delta InsulMug

Delta Light

Delta Long Handled Spoon

Delta Mug

Delta Plate

Delta Spoon

Delta Spork

Document Pouch

Drylite Towel

Eclipse Paddle Glove

Ember Eb Ultralight Down Quilt

Escapist 15D Tarp

Escapist Ground Sheet

Escapist Ultra-Mesh Bug Tent

Ether Light XT Air Mat

Ether Light XT Extreme Air Mat

Ether Light XT Extreme Air Mat Women’s

Ether Light XT Insulated Air Mat

Ether Light XT Insulated Air Mat Women

eVac Dry Sack with eVent

eVent Dry Compression Sack

Expander Liner

Eye Shade

Field Repair Buckle

First Aid Dry Sack

Flame Fm Daunenschlafsack

Flexi Fit Spray Skirt

Flow Drypack

Foam Paddle Float

FoamCore Pillow

Folding Bucket

Gaiter Straps – Replacement Pair

Garment Mesh Bag

Glow Gw Synthetic Quilt 10C

Grasshopper Gaiters

Ground Control Guy Cords (4 Pack)

Ground Control Light Tent Pegs (6 Pack)

Ground Control Tent Pegs

Hammock Bug Net

Hammock Gear Sling

Hammock Set Pro

Hammock Set Ultralight

Hammock Tarp

Hammock Tree Protector

Hanging Toiletry Bag                    

Hydraulic Dry Bag

Hydraulic Dry Pack with Harness

Inflatable Paddle Float

Jet Stream Pump Sack

Journey Jo Daunenschlafsack

Jungle Hammock Set

Jungle Hammock Tarp

Kitchen Sink

Laptop Sleeve

Large Cart

Laundry Bag

Lightweight 70D Dry Sack

Lightweight Sling Dry Bag

Mat Coupler Kit Loops

Medium Cart

Mosquito Headnet

Mosquito Pyramid Net Double

Mosquito Pyramid Net Single

Nano Mosquito Headnet

Nano Mosquito Pyramid Net Double

Nano Mosquito Pyramid Net Single

Neck Pouch

Neck Pouch RFID

Neck Wallet 5

Neck Wallet RFID

Neo Paddle Glove

Nylon Tarp Poncho

Overland Gaiters

Pack Converter

Pack Cover 70D

Pack Tap

Packing Cell

Padded Pouch

Padded Soft cell

Paddle Keeper

Paddle Leash


Peg And Utensil Bag

Pocket Shower

Pocket Towel

Pocket Trowel Alloy

Pocket Trowel Nylon

Pocket Umbrella

Premium Cotton Travel Liner

Premium Silk Travel Liner with Stretch Panels

Pro Hammock Suspension Straps

Quagmire Canvas Gaiters

Quagmire eVent Gaiters

Quest Qu Synthetikschlafsack

Rapid Drypack


Reactor Compact Plus – THERMOLITE®

Reactor Extreme

Reactor Fleece – THERMOLITE®

Reflective Accessory Cord

S.I. Delta V Seat

S.I. Seat Deluxe

Sea to Summit Duffle Bag

See Pouch

Shirt Folder

Shoe Bag                                   

Sigma Pot

Sigma Set 1.1  

Sigma Set 2.0

Sigma Set 2.1  

Sigma Set 2.2

Silk+Cotton Travel Liner

Sit-on-Top Cart

Small Cart

Spark Sp Daunenschlafsack

Spinifex Ankle Gaiters – Canvas

Spinifex Ankle Gaiters – Canvas

Spinifex Ankle Gaiters – Nylon

Sprint Drypack

Stopper Dry Bag

Stretch-Loc Straps

SUP Deck Bag

Tablet Sleeve

Tek Towel

Tek Towel 2 x Wash cloths

Tek Towel Wash Kit

Telos Hangout Pole Set

Telos TR2 Bigfoot Footprint

Telos TR2 Gear Loft

Telos TR2 Lightfoot Footprint

Telos TR2 Plus Ultralight Backpacking Zelt

Telos TR2 Ultralight Backpacking Zelt

Telos TR3 Bigfoot Footprint

Telos TR3 Gear Loft

Telos TR3 Lightfoot Footprint

Telos TR3 Plus Ultralight Backpacking Zelt

Telos TR3 Ultralight Backpacking Zelt

The Clothesline

Tie Down Accessory Strap


Tie Down Accessory Strap with Hook

Tie Down Strap with Silicone Cam Cover (Pair)

Titanium Cutlery Set 3pc (Knife, Fork and Spoon)

Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Cell                 

TPU Accessory Case

TPU Audio Waterproof Case for Smartphones

TPU Case for Tablets

TPU Clear Ziptop Pouch

TPU Guide Map Case

TPU Guide Waterproof Case for Smartphones

Trailhead Th Synthetikschlafsack

Trash Dry Sack

Travel Wallet RFID

Traveller Soft Rack

Traveller Tr Daunenschlafsack

Travelling Light Daypack

Travelling Light Duffle Bag

Travelling Light Mini Umbrella

Travelling Light Money Belt

Travelling Light Money Belt RFID

Travelling Light Shopping Bag

Travelling Light Sling Bag

Travelling Light Stuff Sack Set

Traverse Tv Synthetikschlafsack

Treeline Tl Daunenschlafsack

Trek & Travel Liquid Wash

Trek & Travel Pocket Wash 50 Leaf

Trek Tk Daunenschlafsack

Tripper Paddling Seat

Tumbleweed Ankle Gaiters

Ultra Flex Booties

Ultra Sil Trekking Umbrella

Ultra-Mesh Headnet

Ultra-Mesh Stuff Sack

Ultra-Sil Compression Sack

Ultra-Sil Day Pack

Ultra-Sil Dry Daypack

Ultra-Sil Dry Sack

Ultra-Sil Duffle Bag

Ultra-Sil eVent Dry Compression Sack

Ultra-Sil Folding Bucket

Ultra-Sil Folding Bucket

Ultra-Sil Kitchen Sink

Ultra-Sil Nano Daypack

Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack

Ultra-Sil Nano Poncho

Ultra-Sil Nano Tarp-Poncho

Ultra-Sil Outhouse

Ultra-Sil Pack Cover

Ultra-Sil Pack Liner

Ultra-Sil Shopping Bag

Ultra-Sil Shopping Bag

Ultra-Sil Sling Bag

Ultra-Sil Stuff Sack

UltraLight Air Mat

Ultralight Hammock Suspension Straps

UltraLight Insulated Air Mat

UltraLight Insulated Air Mat Women’s

UltraLight Self Inflating

Ultralight Self Inflating Women

Venture Vt Synthetikschlafsack

View Dry Sack


Watercell ST (4L bis 10L)

Watercell X (4L bis 20L)

Waterproof Map Case

Waterproof Pack Liner

Wilderness Wash