Inspired by epic adventures at every altitude, Sea to Summit is all about the pure joys of fresh air, fresh challenges and fresh thinking. Creating award-winning gear with a “no worries” Australian attitude. Developing new product innovations that keep us at the forefront of delivering lighter, better made, better performing gear to outdoor enthusiasts and active travellers around the world.

As from day one, Roland heads our design team of creative perfectionists. Designers from around the world with diverse backgrounds and skills; designers who share a passion for outdoor adventure and travel; designers skilled at solving problems through creative design and precise production.

We are driven to create innovative, effective and relevant products for a

multitude of outdoor activities. We draw on our individual and shared knowledge and experience from more than a cumulative century of climbing, skiing, cycling, hiking, and more, to know what you need and want in outdoor gear; what will and won’t perform in the often harsh environments for which our gear is designed.

We utilise a broad mix of techniques and technology, from pencil sketches, 3D computer modelling, rapid prototyping, test rigs and getting out in the field. We collaborate with manufacturers and mills to create the fabrics and materials we need to make unique, quality gear. Products go through many cycles of revision, dissecting of individual details, scrutinising as a whole product, and as a product range, until we’re content to unleash it on our friends, families and you, our fellow adventurers.